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Pioneering as resident DJ in Germanys first After Hour Club “6 am Eternal Afterhour” in Hamburg in 1992, Don Shtone aka Sven Dohse set off to be one of the most popular and renowned techno artists of Northern Germany today. Performing on numerous techno-events, Svens drifting acid- and intense techno sound has proved highly popular, particularly in the techno bass scene. Experimenting with diverse rhythms of Electronica, led to his first recording of the Emojonal project together with Gary D for Hamburgs Container Records. In 1995 Sven embarked on his first solo project GREENMAN and released the first 12” on Superstition, followed by a number of successful singles of which “Discordia” attained extraordinary attention through a dazzling remix by the well known project “Der Dritte Raum”. Svens GREENMAN debut longplayer “Greenmania” was released in 2000 and highly recognised. Whilst working on his techno career Sven realized further break and freestyle projects like “Conzooma” together with drum and bass DJ Waldmeista, “Don Shtone” as well as “Don and Dirty” with Dirk Wagner.His current style can be described as a melange of rocking tech-house mixed with hard edged break beats. Current projects of Sven Dohse are: SVEN DOHSE (Paloma Recordings) DON AND DIRTY (Moving Target / with Dirk Wagner) GREENMAN (Superstition) CONZOOMA (Glow / with Malte Möller) DON SHTONE (Off/Stilll & Cylence) BIRDMILK (FZG) GLENN PEIN (Shtone Music) The second face of Sven Dohse is his Don Shtone project: for years he produces under this project name a more relaxed and electronic sound, even for the dancefloor, sometimes strange in a positive way, full with his musical humour and you can hear his experience as a dj and maniac music freak, melting with his musicality and his love for experiments. Don and Dirty is the cooperation of Dirk Wagner (Loopoets) and Sven Dohse. Their music contains funkey Tech-Breaks. Crisp, distorted with tasty beats. Greenman is the techno project of Sven Dohse. The producer is also one of the best and most popular DJs from Hamburg.Shtone Music, founded 2004, is the mp3-label of the german producer and Dj Sven Dohse. On this label he show his love for different styles of electronic music. Here you can find breaks, techno and freestyle. The projects on Shtone Music are Don and Dirty, Greenman and Don Shtone. myspace.com/donshtone | myspace.com/svendohse | svendohse.de