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Dr. C.H.U.D. (for "Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Drummer", born David Calabrese on April 4, 1964 in Lodi, New Jersey) is an American rock drummer and singer.

Life and career

He attended Lodi High School. His career began playing with Dan Kidney and the Pulsations for 8 years before joining Sardonica. During his time in Sardonica, he also played drums with Jerry Only and Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein in Kryst The Conqueror. He also recorded an album with Sacred Trash before joining The Misfits.

In addition to his work with The Misfits, Dr. Chud also played drums for Joey Ramone on the We Will Fall: A Tribute to Iggy Pop album, and Joey Ramone's only solo record "Don't Worry About Me" and also produced a recent Sardonica release "Flip the Grill". After leaving The Misfits, Dr. Chud formed Graves with Michale Graves.

Chud is currently in his new band Dr. Chud's X-Ward which released their debut multimedia CD "Diagnosis for Death" in 2004 on Dr.Chud's own record label Bloodwork Records. He is also currently part of Doyle's new band Gorgeous Frankenstein.

Chud joined up with Doyle once again with his band Gorgeous Frankenstein on their second tour in 2008. Gorgeous Frankenstein is signed to Glenn Danzig's record label Evilive.

He is known for making his own drumsticks and his signature drum set which is covered with huge studded spikes.

Dr. Chud appeared briefly on the television series LA Ink, starring Kat Von D. He received a tattoo of his famous stitches that he usually draws on his chest and back, circling his neck, by tattoo artist Amy Nicoletto. The tattoo was colored with black and gray ink.

Dr. Chud now plays drums for Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein's new band simply titled "DOYLE" and appears on DOYLE's first album ABOMINATOR. DOYLE plans to tour late 2013 in support of ABOMINATOR.

Dr. Chud appears on The Sonic Creeps "A Future Dead" album released in 2013 performing all drum tracks.


With Dan Kidney and the Pulsations

  • Never Let Up
  • Slice of Live
  • Night People

With Specific Ocean

  • Vinyl & Styrofoam

With Sardonica

  • In Your Own Backyard

With Sacred Trash

  • Sacred Trash

With Misfits

  • American Psycho (1997) - LP
  • "Dig Up Her Bones" (1997) - Single
  • Evillive II (1998) - Fan Club LP
  • Scream! (1999) - Single
  • Famous Monsters (1999) - LP
  • "Monster Mash" (1999) - Single
  • Cuts From The Crypt (2001) - LP


  • Web Of Dharma (2001) - LP

With Joey Ramone

  • Don't Worry About Me (2002) - LP

Dr. Chud's X-Ward

  • Diagnosis for Death (2004) - LP

Sonic Creeps

  • A Future Dead (2013) - LP