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Drew Vics is a songwriter and musician with a focus on acoustic finger-style and electric lead guitar, though he is also a skilled drummer and bassist. He began his life with guitar 30+ years ago, and began writing songs in his early teens. His songs speak to the trials of life and love, with some humor, and his music is generally dynamic Rock/Pop with melodic lead guitar and crisp rhythms. He also composes acoustic guitar-based instrumentals.

Influences range from guitarists, songwriters and musicians such as Mark Knopfler, Alex Lifeson, Eddie Van Halen, James Taylor, Mike Campbell, Elliot Easton, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, Neil Peart, Randy Newman, Peter Gabriel, and others.

Born in Japan, Drew was raised in various places as his father moved around with the USAF. They eventually paused in Dover, New Jersey, for a time before finally moving to the Sussex County area where he attended high school and rehearsed or performed with different musicians and bands, eventually joining up with a keyboardist friend and forming a duo, performing cover tunes around northern NJ.

He now lives near Philadelphia, PA, where he continues writing and recording his music. More information, current news and song samples can be found on his website http://drewvics.com/