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The history of FireJam began in autumn of 2004, when Andrii Vasylyuk (guitar) and Serhii Yehorov (drums) decided to form a blues-rock band. Upon deciding the main idea of the band, they have activelly started to search for a bass-player. Soon this position was taken by Roman Blikharsyi, who after a short time left the band.

For a whole year the band existed in it’s initial cast, consisting only of drummer and guitar player. Search for a bass-player continued with close to none success. Different musicians filled the open spot, but their playing style was not suitable for the band.

In 2006 the band got new members - Vasyl Rybak (keyboard) and Serhii Levchuk (vocals) and the long-awaited bass-player, Roman. Now in the full cast, the band began preparations for shows and contests.

In 2008 Roman leaves the band ant his place is taken by Oleh Baranovskyi, who was FireJam’s second guitar-player at that time.

In this cast FireJam exists now.


2008 - Participated in Heavy Holidays show

2009 - Participated in Rock Party 2009 charity festival

2009 - Participated in MetaL BlasT from the PAsT show

2009 - Participated in Detonation 2009 festival

Musical style and influences

Music of FireJam combines elements of classic rock, alternative, grunge and many more.

The band’s music is influenced by such artists as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam and Audioslave.

Band members

As of 2009 FireJam’s band members are:

Serhii Levchuk — vocals, tambourine

Andrii Vasylyuk — guitar

Oleh Baranovskyi — bass, accoustic guitar

Vasyl Rybak — keyboards

Serhii Yehorov — drums