«Fortabt» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Fortabt was formed in early 2007 by Vaerthjar and Nalgír. This was at first a raw Black Metal project, inspired by old Black Metal bands. Before they could begin to play together, they needed a drummer, so they asked Sargroth, and she agreed to join them. In marts 2007, they played together for the first time, and the first demo “Demo 1” was recorded. This was only released in two copys, and contained only two tracks. Nalgír was originally the vocalist from the beginning to late in 2007, but Vaerthjar took over in late 2007 and was now the vocalist. In early 2008, they began to record a new demo that was called “Sorg Foedt”. And now they are ready with a new full-lenght called “Det Dystre I Mit Sind” and hope to find someone, who want to sign it! Fortabt: Nalgír (Vocals & bass) - Sargroth (guitars & synth) - Vaerthjar (drums)