«Фруктовый Кефир» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Fruktovii Kefir is a rock / funk band from Rostov-na-Donu, Russia. They started to play in 2001. Fruktovii Kefir play a mixture of funk, jazz, grunge, art-rock, and elements of hip-hop. The musicians have a jazz education. The current lineup consists of Alexei Busurin (vocals), Ilya Dragunov (guitars), Denis Fomin (bass guitar), Oleg Shuntsov (drums), and [bandmember]Timur Nekrasov[bandmember] (tenor saxophone). The band has released three studio albums: Клетчатый альбом, Тишина!, and Фруктовый Кефир. They are currently signed to Navigator Records. The official website is http://www.fkefir.ru.