«Fujiya & Miyagi» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Fujiya & Miyagi is a Brighton, UK band (formed 2000), with members: Steve Lewis (aka Fujiya: beats, programming, synth’s & backing vocals), David Best (aka Miyagi: vocals, guitar & Korg), Matt Hainsby (aka Ampersand: bass, backing vocals & Korg) & Lee Adams (drums). A Thom Monahan-produced fourth studio album, Ventriloquizzing, was released on 17 Jan 2011 (Full Time Hobby, UK/EU & Yep Roc, USA). Previous LPs include: Electro Karaoke In The Negative Style (2002), Remixes (2003, remixers inc: Two Lone Swordsmen & Cristian Vogel), Transparent Things (2006, self-produced on Tirk) & Lightbulbs (2008, self-produced on Full Time Hobby). They claim to be influenced by 70s krautrock bands (e.g. Can & Neu!) & early-90s electronic artists like Aphex Twin. Collaborations & V/A inclusions have resulted in some aka’s, most notably: Fujiya and Miyagi (from the 2008 ‘Bomb The Bass’ collaboration, “Future Chaos”) & Fujiya Miyagi (via the inclusion of Collar Bone, aka Collarbone, on the Lovebox Weekender: London, 2007 compilation). Sites: YouTube & Facebook.