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Gary War is an American avant-garde musician, born in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His recordings utilize analog and digital collage techniques, heavily synthesized electronic psychedelia, musique concrete and elements of classical, progressive rock, scream punk and dance music into a modern experimental rock hybrid. War is currently based in New Zealand and Gloucester, Massachusetts.


Studio albums

  • New Raytheonport (2008, SHDWPLY Records)
  • Horribles Parade (2009, Sacred Bones Records)
  • Jared's Lot (2012, Spectrum Spools)


  • Galactic Citizens (2009, Captured Tracks)
  • Police Water (2010, Sacred Bones Records)
  • Gary War/Purple Pilgrims Split (2013, Upset The Rhythm)

Other releases

  • "Anhedonic Man" 7" (2009, Hell, Yes!)
  • "Zontag" 7" (2009, Sacred Bones Records)
  • "Reality Protest" 7" (2009, Holidays Records)


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