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Gaston ("Gast") Waltzing (born 1956) is a Luxembourg trumpeter and composer. He has created several jazz bands including Largo and the Luxembourg National Jazz Orchestra and has composed music for films and television programmes as well as operas combining classical music with jazz and rock.


Born in Luxembourg City on 13 August 1956, Waltzing began his music studies at the Luxembourg Conservatory when he was just 7. He continued his classical training at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, completing his studies at the Paris Conservatory.

In 1982, he became Professor of Trumpet at the Luxembourg Conservatory and in 1986 he founded the school's Jazz Department which he heads. He has recorded numerous albums covering classical, jazz and dance, with groups such as "Atmosphere", "Life's Circle" "Largo", all of which he created himself. As a composer, he has recorded music for the Luxembourg film A Wop Bop A Lop Bop (1989), as well as for television. The TV film The Way to Dusty Death provided an opportunity for him to compose his first orchestral movie score. Since then, he has continued to write for orchestra and has worked closely with the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra for which he has conducted the "Pops At The Phil" programmes featuring singers such as Dionne Warwick, Maurane and James Morrison. All in all, he has written over 150 scores for television and movies.

In 2004, he founded WPR Records which sets out to promote young musicians and has featured the Luxembourg National Jazz Orchestra. In 2008, Waltzing was appointed jazz director at the Echternach International Music Festival.


  • 1989: Nomination for Best Composer, European Film Awards for A Wopbobaloobop a Lopbamboom
  • 1997: Deutscher Filmpreis (Musik)
  • 2005: Lëtzebuerger Filmpräis for "George and the Dragon"

Film and TV music


Filmmusik (Selection)

  • A Wopbopaloobop A Lopbamboom (1989) by Andy Bausch
  • Three Shake-a-leg Steps to Heaven (1993) by Andy Bausch
  • Rotwang muß weg! (1994) by Hans-Christoph Blumenberg
  • Back in Trouble (1997) by Andy Bausch
  • Une nuit de cafard (1999) by Jacques Donjean (short)
  • New World Disorder (1999) by Richard Spence
  • Tödliche Formel (2001) by Tom Kinninmont
  • The Point Men (2001) by John Glen
  • Os Imortais (2003) by António-Pedro Vasconcelos
  • George and the Dragon (2004) by Tom Reeve
  • Psyclist (2006) by Mike Tereba

TV series and films

  • Ex und hopp - Ein böses Spiel um Liebe, Geld und Bier (1990) by Andy Bausch
  • Die Männer vom K3 - Tanz auf dem Seil (1993) by Andy Bausch
  • Die Männer vom K3 - Keine Chance zu gewinnen (1994) by Andy Bausch
  • The Way to Dusty Death (1995) by Geoffrey Reeve
  • Zwei Brüder (Fernsehserie)|Zwei Brüder - Nervenkrieg (1997) by Hans-Christoph Blumenberg
  • Küstenwache (Fernsehserie) (1997-) by Marco Serafini
  • Der Schnapper: Blumen für den Mörder (1998) by Vadim Glowna
  • Polizeiruf 110 - Discokiller (1998) by Marco Serafini
  • Polizeiruf 110 - Kurschatten (2001) by Marco Serafini
  • Polizeiruf 110 - Doktorspiele (2003) by Marco Serafini
  • Utta Danella - Eine Liebe in Venedig (2005) by Marco Serafini
  • Polizeiruf 110 - Die Tote aus der Saale (2005) by Marco Serafini