«Giana Factory» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Giana Factory is Louise Foo, Lisbet Fritze and Sofie Johanne. The girls record their music in an old factory building in Copenhagen, where they gave themselves the name Giana Factory in August 2008. After months of toiling in the studio and on the road, they are ready to let people into their world of dark and gloomy love. The first step in that process was to release their first EP, Bloody Game, which saw light October 12th. The girls mixed the EP with the notable electronic producer Thomas Barfod, with whom they have been working to create a balance between pop and avant-garde, male and female energy, the organic and the industrial, & the past and the future. In 2009 - before having any releases to their credit - Giana Factory toured Scandinavia, Germany and all around Denmark, playing shows at SPOT Festival and Roskilde Festival, as well as supporting Glasvegas on tour. They have received stellar reviews in the Danish press and have been noticed as one of the most promising new Danish acts of 2009.