«Gird_09» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

As a peripheral member of the norwegian goth and industrial scene Gird_09 has experimented with a variety of sounds and techniques. Stylistically his music can be described as eclectic, with tracks ranging from ambient minimalism thru ebm and industrial to pure noise.

The earliest experiments in music go back as far as 1994 with hardcore techno created on an amiga 500, as well as some strange experimental techno created with a borrowed groovebox and kids’ keyboard. Since then he has branched out but stayed firmly put in the electronic genres.

Former projects include Kultur Terror, Z-19, Japanese Whore and Jenna Flechette. His music has also been the subject of a lengthy reworking by Mauled by Sloths [Epilektrician]. He is also involved in the musical ventures, FRzO and cult of twins with Batcheeba.

As a part of his anarchist agenda he only releases his music for free, and usually via the internet.