«Girugдmesh» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Girugamesh (ギルガメッシュ/girugämesh) was created in 2003 in the suburbs of Tokyo. However, 2004 should be considered as the true beginning, because it was in that year the band formed its present line up: 左迅 (Satoshi, vocals, ex-Venom), 弐 (Nii, guitar), 愁 (Shuu, bass. before Girugamesh he was a roadie for Kagerou) and Яyo (drums).

Their first consert was in Motoyawata ROUTE14 24.03.2004. Atthis time they released their first demo: [kosaki uta] ~kaijou kata enban~.

Band had many gigs and in august they gave in free records: jelatoa and mikongyakua. In same month they released their first max single: [kaisen sengen] ~kikaku kata enban~.