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Globus is Latin for sphere or globe. It may also refer to:


  • Glo-Bus, a global business strategy simulation game
  • Globus (clothing), an Indian clothing retail store
  • Globus (company), a Swiss department store chain
  • Globus (hypermarket), a hypermarket chain in Germany, the Czech Republic and Russia
  • Globus (publisher), a Spanish magazine publisher
  • Globus (weekly), a newspaper published in Croatia
  • Globus Alliance, an engineering association for grid computing infrastructure
    • Globus Toolkit, software that implements specifications proposed by the Globus Alliance
  • Globus Medical Inc., a musculoskeletal implant manufacturer


  • Globus, a model of Coach built by bus manufacturer Tata Motors
  • Globus (airline), a Russian airline
  • Globus family of brands, a worldwide group of package tour operators


  • globus pallidus, a sub-cortical structure in the brain
  • globus pharyngis (also globus sensation or globus hystericus), a feeling of a lump at the back of the throat


  • Globus Competence Centre for Globalisation and Sustainable Development, Tias Nimbus Business School, Tilburg University, the Netherlands


  • Globus, nickname of Eugene Kuziw, Ukrainian American
  • Globus, nickname of Odilo Globocnik, a World War II Nazi and SS leader
  • Solomon Globus (born 1856), Lithuanian chess master
  • Stephen Globus, New York City venture capitalist
  • Yoram Globus (born 1941), Israeli film producer


  • Globus (map), a globe, a three-dimensional scale model of Earth
  • Globus (music), the commercial name of a mix of producers, musicians, and vocalists from the movie trailer music production company Immediate Music
  • Globus cruciger, an orb topped with a cross, a Christian symbol

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