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Golf-Mike are a sibling pop duo from Thailand.

Golf (Pichaya Nitipaisalkul; พิชญะ นิธิไพศาลกุล; Feb 20,1987) and Mike (Pirat Nitipaisalkul; พิรัชต์ นิธิไพศาลกุล; Dec 19,1989) were recruited into the G-Junior project by GMM Grammy, Thailand’s biggest entertainment company in 2002. The brothers were trained in singing, dancing, acting, and some other classes for 4 years before finally debuting as artists in November 2005 in their self-titled album, “GOLF-MIKE”.

In February 2006, Golf-Mike won their first ever award from the Seed Awards 2006 for “Seed Most Popular Artist of the Year”. In March, they were able to hold their first solo concert, “Golf-Mike Let’s Bounce Concert” at Thunder Dome with an audience of 5,000 people.

In June 2006, Golf-Mike was awarded “Best Breakthrough Artist” from the Channel [V] Thailand Music Video Awards 2006. Later that month, they showed up in Japan forming Johnny’s Entertainment’s first ever international unit, Kitty GYM along with popular J-pop figure, Tomohisa Yamashita (山下智久 from News). “GYM”, stands for Golf, Yamashita and Mike, respectively with “Kitty” standing for the backup dancers. They released one single, “フィーバーとフューチャー” as an official supporter of the Women’s Volleyball World Grandprix. The single ranked #1 on the Oricon charts.

At the end of August, Golf and Mike teamed up with other G-Junior boys including Chin, Guy, Happy, Madiow, J, Nut, Ken, and Ice as a group called “G-JR” (read as G-J-R) releasing an album, “10 Club”.

On October 7, G-JR held a concert again called “The Show Must Go On Concert By Golf-Mike & Friends” at Impact Arena. At the end of the month, G-JR managed to win a Virgin Hitz Awards 2006 for “Popular Vote New Band”.

After finishing the promotion for their 10Club album, Golf and Mike got back to the studio and started working on their next album. By the end of 2006, Golf-Mike decided to release a special album “365 Days With Golf-Mike” instead of their unready 2nd album.

They promoted the special album and worked in the studio for the 2nd album until March 8, 2007 until their 2nd album, “ONE BY ONE”, became ready to launch. The first MV, “Fight For You” took them 3 whole days to practice for Free-Running. On March 13, Golf-Mike was voted by Thailand’s Entertainment Reporter Association in the Star Entertainment Awards 2007 as the “Best Group”.

In June 2007 they released their first Japanese debut single, “ニッポン アイニイクヨ”. Two months later they released their debut album “凛 -Rin-“.

In September 2007 Golf-Mike released a Korean version of their “ONE BY ONE” album under SM Entertainment. It contains two bonus tracks sung in Korean.

Both Golf and Mike have taken the leading roles in a Thai series called “Ubat Ruk Kaam Kaub Fah” (อุบัติรักข้ามขอบฟ้า) that will be broadcasted in 2008 on Modern 9 TV. This series, or lakorn, is directed and screen-written by Ping Lampraplerng.

In 2011, the boys released a solo single each. Golf released Take Me To Ur Bed while Mike (D. Angelo) released AYO.


- 2005/11/15: GOLF-MIKE

- 2006/8/22: 10 Club (G-JR)

- 2006/12/20: 365 Days With Golf-Mike

- 2007/3/8: ONE BY ONE

- 2007/8/22: 凛 -Rin-

- 2008/1/26: Diary Hits


- 2006/8/30: フィーバーとフューチャー(GYM)

- 2007/6/27: ニッポン アイニイクヨ


- 2005/11/15: GOLF-MIKE


- 2006/9/5: 10 Club (G-JR)

- 2006/11/14: The Show Must Go On (Golf-Mike & Friends)

- 2006/12/20: 365 Days With Golf-Mike

- 2007/3/8: ONE BY ONE


- 2007: Ma Mha Si Kah Krub, (Golf, voice for Makham)

Television Series

- 2008: Ubat Ruk Kaam Kaub Fah (อุบัติรักข้ามขอบฟ้า ) (filming)