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The Good Lyfe Addikts love the Good Lyfe. We are fans of people doing what they love…whatever it is that makes us happy. We love warm, sunny beaches and bikinis but also groove chilly evenings in front of a fire amidst snow capped mountains. From the concrete jungle to desert and forest retreats, we’re addicted…to something good, so tell me…what makes you happy?

What do you use to paint your canvas of happiness…Images? Feelings? Sound? Words? Experiences? Love?

We love jazzy, funky, soulful sounds that make the world go round. We love hard hitting bass in your face to make you dance till you drop. We love catchy licks and musical tricks.

We enjoy the freedom to be who we are. But most of all, we love good music. From which it stems…the Good Lyfe.

Thank you for listening.

Good Lyfe Addikts.