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My name is Grandmaster Gareth. I write minute melodies. I also sing and write in Misty’s Big Adventure. I have made two solo albums. ‘An Introduction to Minute Melodies’ in 2003 and ‘The Party Sounds of Grandmaster Gareth’ in 2006. I like custard, He Man and currently Rice Krispies. I also like monkeys, stone circles and space. I don’t understand why people spend money on ringtones. I took early retirement at 21. I wish Wombles were real. I would break my leg for money. I wish there was no money to be made out of music so all the people who make music to make money would give up. And become advertising salesmen or something suitably awful. But at least we wouldn’t have to be subjected to their awful music. I used to be addicted to pink doughnuts. This is enough information for now. Thank you for your time and patience.