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Hardcore from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada A lot can be said about a band who plays more than 100 shows in the first 6 months of their existence. Especially in a day and age where all it takes for certain bands to “make it” is to create a MySpace profile with glossy promo photos and tens of thousands of “fans”. GRAVE MAKER is a band who blasted out of the gate, without help from anyone. No label support, no management, and no booking agent. Bailey, bassist and member of Canadian heavy hitters FIGURE FOUR (Solid State Records) comments “The chemistry of GRAVE MAKER works well because we are a group of friends who all share similar ideas about we want to do with our lives and where we want to go with the band. We’re just trying to escape the every day 9-5 jobs we’ve all worked and have the experiences that only ever seem to come from being on tour.” GRAVE MAKER may be a new band, but the members have grown up in the hardcore scene. Look for the North West natives in your town before the end of 2008 supporting their debut “Bury Me At Sea”. The full length effort was produced by Roger Camero (THE WARRIORS, NO MOTIV) and features guests including Andrew Neufeld of COMEBACK KID and Rick Jimenez of THIS IS HELL and SOLDIERS. Look for it in stores on July 22nd, 2008. Currently signed to Victory with a new album under their belt, Ghosts Among Men.