«Greeting Death» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

There is one active band with this name, and a total of 2 bands that had this name.

1-)Brazilian Greeting Death : Blackened Thrash Metal

Greeting Death is the project of the young Magnus Helvetti (real name: Gustavo Oliveira), a project that he makes music, mostly black metal, with internet friends. He wrote a lot of lyrics, but only two musics are released. Satan, a quickly grindcore inspired song, to be remade, and Descending From Hell, currently with no lyrics or vocals.

Myspace for more info and if you want to join, just contact them. http://myspace.com/greetingdeathband

Current Members: Magnus Helvetti; Johnny Blanco (Guitars).

2-)The “other” Greeting Death

Little is known of this band, they released a demo in 1987 but disbanded. Their music is thrash-metal inspired.