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Igor Nainggolan and Musi Nainggolan (vocal), brother and sister together with Budi PM start Groove Bandit in 1994. Their top hit list is a famous ” Gelora Asmara “, which had been the most favorite dance music in almost all the dance floors in Jakarta - Indonesia.

They start the recording in the living room and share it amongst friends and family.

After a while, Musi decided to pull herself over and move to London with her husband. Igor did his best to find a replacement for the vocalist. After a long search, they finally found Mala to replace Musi’s position in the group. However, Mala couldn’t replace Musi’s unique natural voice character. Ever since, Groove Bandit never the same again.

Before Igor passed away, he trained his son “Derby Romero”, to sing this song and release it. Derby couldn’t barely carry the spirit of this song, it’s totally made specially for Musi’s voice character and her personality. Actually, “Gelora Asmara’ is most likely about her love story…