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Heartblanch is an indie band based in Kiev. They started at 2006 with shows in Kiev’s clubs and released their first album LIKEYOU from California.

They are actively touring in Eastern Europe, taking part in international projects, bringing California bands-friends and their music to Ukraine. The most recent was series of parties in Kiev and Moscow with Heartblanch and singer from LA Paul Needza Friend.

The style is Rock but some people named it as Snarky Naive Pop - a mix of indie rock, experimental and blues reminiscence. The sound is dry. Vocals are unique and have definite British flavor to them a bit indifferent and snarky as well. The guitar riffs are grungy with a smooth melody responsive to the vocals and lyrics accenting the story of the song. It is wrapped by distinct drums with dense base riffs.

Some time they were separated between Kiev and San Francisco. Now the guitarist returned back to Kiev but the bassist left to Italy. Well, no distance can stop creative minds so the Kiev based part of the band is working on the new program.

Stay tuned!