«Holosud» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

F. X. Randomiz:

Born in Bamberg, Germany in 1968 as Felix Hoefner. First instrument was a flute, then the piano, where he got lessons for about 10 years. First analogue synthesizer in the age of 14.

Founded the Band ‘Four Square Logos’ and later the GEFRIEM label with Jan St. Werner and Josef Suchy. Studied Musical Science in Cologne, but quitted and gave up music to study Law in Bavaria. Later he returned to Cologne and recorded the “Slow” album with Jan St. Werner in 1992.

Worked temporarily for TV-Stations (Trailer-Productions, Music for Shows) and studied Media Arts at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, where he made his exam in 1998 (with a trippy interactive video-installation and a manual for a non existing mind-machine). Meanwhile he recorded his debut “Goflex” (released in 1997) and founded HOLOSUD with Jo Zimmermann (Schlammpeitziger), did remixes for Microstoria,

Whirlpool Productions, Schlammpeitziger and Weltraumforscher. Working on his next album since years.

Asked for influences, F.X. Randomiz names J.S.Bach, Steve Reich and My Bloody Valentine. Different to many artists in experimental electronica, he rarely performs live.

Jo Zimmerman: