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Hoodoo Gurus (sometimes just shortened to ‘Gurus’) are an Australian rock band combining elements of seventies power pop, bubblegum pop, Beatle-esque harmonies, psychedelia and grungy garage rock. Guitarists Dave Faulkner, Rod Radalj, and Kimble Rendall were joined by drummer James Baker when the band formed in Sydney in 1981. Baker and Radalj had been members of Perth band The Scientists in 1977-79, while Baker had drummed with Faulkner and in another Perth band, The Victims, in 1978-79. The original lineup was notable for having three guitars and no bass player, creating a distinctive, layered sound. Kimble Rendall left in 1982 before the release of their first single, Leilani, and went on to become a noted music video director. He was effectively replaced by bassist Clyde Bramley. Radalj was not happy with Rendall’s departure or Faulkner’s increasing influence, and left the band himself, to be replaced by one-time Fun Things guitarist Brad Shepherd. This line-up released the band’s break-through first album, Stoneage Romeos, in 1984. In 1998, the band officially split but reformed for occasional concerts in subsequent years. A full-fledged reunion came in 2004, when they released Mach Schau and began touring again. The band received another boost when Come Anytime (from 1989’s Magnum Cum Louder) was used as the theme song to the Australian TV show Thank God You’re Here. Discography:Stoneage Romeos (1984), Mars Needs Guitars! (1985), Blow Your Cool! (1987), Magnum Cum Louder (1989), Kinky (1991), Crank (1994), Blue Cave (1996), Mach Schau (2004), Purity Of Essence (2010) Compilations:Electric Soup (1992), GORILLA BISCUIT (1992), Electric Chair (1998), Armchair Gurus (1998), Bite The Bullet (1998), Ampology (2000)