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Not to be confused with hoard.

The English word Horde derives from Orda (organization), a historic sociopolitical and military structure in steppe nomad cultures such as the Turks and Mongols. In addition to this, the word horde is often used to refer to the Vikings. Specific examples of historic hordes include:

  • Hordes of the Jochid Ulus, also known as White, Blue and Gray hordes, formed in 1226 and 1227
  • Golden Horde, a Turkic-Mongol state established in the 1240s
  • Great Horde, a remnant of the Golden Horde from about 1466 until 1502
  • Nogai Horde, a Turkic clan situated in the Caucasus Mountain region, formed in the 1390s

Horde may also refer to:

Film and television

  • La Horde, a 2008 French film released in North America as The Horde in 2010
  • Evil Horde, a group of fictional characters in Masters of the Universe media
  • The Horde (film), a 2012 Russian historical film
  • The Horde, a fictional aryan motorcycle gang in the television series The Shield


  • Horde (band), an unblack metal project of Australian musician Jayson Sherlock
  • H.O.R.D.E., a music festival in the United States


  • Horde (software), a Web Application Framework
  • Locust Horde, the main enemies in the Xbox 360 video game Gears of War
  • Horde, one of the factions in the Warcraft universe
  • The Horde (video game), a 1994 action-strategy video game

Other uses

  • Great Dark Horde, a group within the Society for Creative Anachronism modeled on an idealized version of Mongol culture
  • Horde (comics), several characters and a species used in Marvel Comics
  • Human Olfactory Data Explorer, a database of human olfactory receptors

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