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Hortor was formed in March of the 2004 In México City due to the disbanding of Thusiasterion which included both Azmaveth and Askenaz. After the break up they decided to continue but under the name of Hortor (to Animate and/or To exhort). Hortor draws their style from the roots of the Black metal, Symphonic Black metal and Viking Metal.

July of 2004 Hortor would record what would become its first demo, which was simply titled, “Hortor”. “Hortor” consisted of 7 tracks, including a cover of Antestor’s, “A Sovereign Fortress”.

The three years to follow Hortor would not record any new material however In June of 2007 the band would begin recording a new EP entitled, “By the Sword of the Almighty Emperor”. With the release of this EP the band began to see more doors opening for them, including their first live performance outside of their home country.

2007 proved to be a busy year for Hortor, in October they released their debut full length album entitled, “Decapitación Absoluta al Falso Profeta”. Despite the fact of the low-fi recording Hortor once again was able to open doors securing the album distribution in Europe, South America and North America. Musically the band changed compared to their earlier recordings, but the elements remained the same, crude and atmospheric and the addition of clean female vocals parts.

Fast forward to June of 2008, thanks to the acceptance of “Decapitación Absoluta al Falso Profeta”, Sullen Records/Open Grave Records takes notice and picks up Hortor for the release of a new EP that is to be released later in the year via Sullen Records. As well Horor is preparing a tour of South America, which will include Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Peru.

While it may not be a popular concept within the black metal community, Hortor has never lost the vision with which they began in 2004. The message of Hortor has always been completely direct, never hiding their faith and portrayed in each of their concerts and lyrics their beliefs. Knowing that what they do is simply exaltation, praise and proclaiming the name of a man who died and was resurrected for all of humanity, Jesus Christ!