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Igor Boxx known also as Igor Pudlo (from Ninja Tune’s Polish protégé Skalpel) is opening a new decade with a solo album „Breslau“.

Skalpel has released two acclaimed albums on Ninja Tune – Skalpel (2004) and Konfusion (2005) becoming one of the most important Polish music exports, well received both in Poland and internationally.

In Igor’s solo attempt the inspiration comes like before from his home country and even more locally from his hometown Wroclaw. „Breslau“ tells a tale of 1945 siege of Festung Breslau undertaken by the Red Army. The historical background might mean nothing to an average listener not familiar with multinational and multicultural history of Breslau now known as Wroclaw but this journey is musically emotional and powerful enough to allow anyone to follow the story. Sounds are used to depict massive force and fury of Bolsheviks‘ attack and the determination of terrorized civil population of the city to hold on. Krautrock grinding illustrates the monotony of endless battle, psychedelic ornaments underline the absurd of wartime madness, jazz rhythms sound off the chaos on both sides of the conflict, ambient timelessness paints the overwhelming desperation of city defenders‘ efforts.

On „Breslau“, Igor practices what he’s always preached and gives a bit of an explanation about what it means to come from a Central European city of Wroclaw - a unique place with a complex and troubled history that only after WWII was re-incorporated as a part of Poland. This journey from old to new reflects almost half a century and the entire „lifetime of vinyl culture“, a great insight to music from behind the iron curtain. The rest is… Well, history.