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JaMile Jackson is a musician, songwriter, and producer. He combines experimentalism, minimalism, electronics, found sound, and other techniques to express ideas and emotions. Originally from Jacksonville Florida, but he has now made Oakland, California his place of residency.

JaMile got involved with music by playing saxophone as a young kid. Soon after he turned his focus to sound engineering by working a numerous venues and studios in North Florida. After hearing Blur’s “Coffee and TV”, JaMile decided to purchase a guitar with as many effect pedals as he could afford. After making lots of noise by himself, JaMile joined Whimsical Fetus and Jason and the Synphomaniacs as lead guitarist and effect manipulator. This brought a lot of attention to the young lad, as his lives shows were notorious for spaz attacks, sexy dancing, and equipment destruction. Indirectly began to create a small following in the underground community, and has become one of the forefathers of the original noise movement that followed in mid-2000.

Shortly after the break up of Jason and the Synphomaniacs, JaMile went on with his friends to form the band, The Revenent. The Revenent was a experimental post-punk band drawing influence from Joy Division, the Smashing Pumpkins and Radiohead, just to name a few, that started before the explosion of the music revival movement of 2004. The Revenent started to become a force to be reckoned with, but due to the pressures involved and band relationship, they disbanded in 2005.

JaMile started to use the experience and knowledge he gained to create and record his own music. In 2005, he released he first record, “Another day in the…”, which chronicled his day to day experiences. This recorded made a small splash, and led to short stint with Porcelain Black, playing keys and synth. This was a hugh experience and time of growth for JaMile. Due to artistic limits, JaMile left Porcelain Black to focus on writing and recording. This lead to the most personal album to date, “Step into My Understanding.” The album is praised because of its unique sounds and methods of experimentation that combines, traditional and classical song structures with unconventional sounds and textures.

Currently JaMile has been taking this approach of experimentation and applying to production and songwriting. This has made JaMile an true underground hero for his recording/production skills, session playing, as well his is positive reinforcement to help better his fellow musicians and artist, and the true believe that music has the clear the mind, body, and soul.