«Jay Westfold» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Born in Northern NSW, Australia Jay sang, conjuring mystical fantasies of stardom, under a bridge on the Richmond River as a child.

Later moving inland to a sleepy country town called Walcha, at 15 his friends jokingly asked him to sing for their band, so he sang, later teaching himself guitar and and then tried his hand at writing. At age 20 he moved to Melbourne and in 2003 the album ‘The Secret Garden’ was released.

In 2006 he moved to London, UK and at the end of 2007 released the collection of songs ‘Shifting Circles’ which are available to download for free from LastFM.

Whilst continuing his journey to find his own unique sound, at the end of 2008 he released the EP titled ‘Slow Down, Stand Still, Shut Up!’.

“I write from the heart and not from the head and as a result, if you want to try an intellectualise it all, my songs are about an individuals struggle to find their place in the world and how external and internal pressures influence that journey”.