«Juho Kahilainen» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Juho made his first tracks at the tender age of 12. The Finnish national radioshow by Tapani Ripatti in 1993 introduced Juho to electronic music and he has been building up beats for fun ever since. For years it has been clear that there is no substitute for house. Juho has gained a lot of reputation with several releases under his belt, including his remix of Laurent Garnier’s “Greed” which was released on F-Communications.


“One man and one mind creating sounds without compromises. Making music with modern technology is a demanding task since every little flaw is your own fault; then again without this human ingredient electronic sound would have no soul. For ten years I have made music with my limited equipment. If someone releases my material, I am happy, but the reason for my hobby has always been elsewhere.”

Some of the highlights: In 2001 Juho’s remix of Laurent Garnier’s “Greed” was released on F-Communications. It was 2003 when Juho had an opportunity to play on the main arena of Koneisto-festival, which is the biggest electronic music event in Nordic countries. In 2004 Juho took part in Red Bull Music Academy, which was held in Rome. RBMA was a big mental boost that keeps him going for a while.

The sound that Juho currently produces could be described as deep house with a techy twist. He also likes to combine elements from detroit to minimal techno.