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Karamelo Santo is a Latin rock band from Mendoza, Argentina. Formed in 1993, they released their first album, La Kulebra (The snake) in 1995. Since then, they have released nine more albums. The single "Nunca" is probably their best-known song. It was used on the soundtrack for the movie Mariposas en la Oscuridad.

The band was the first to introduce cumbia style rock. The band's song "Los Botones" was originally written for the first album in 1988. The band plays a mix of rock, ska, jazz, salsa, folk, rap, reggae, funk and cumbia. The lineup has changed over the years, but the main members have always been the co-founders: singer Guillermo Ogalde Gluzman (known as Goy) and Pedro Rosafa. The band has collaborated with several famous musicians, such as Manu Chao, Fermin Muguruza, Sargent Garcia, Ska-p and David Byrne.

With Todos Tus Muertos, Kortatu and Mano Negra, they are among the most influential bands of the Latin punk rock world.


Karamelo Santo was formed in Mendoza in 1993 and the same year recorded their first album, La Kulebra. After three years of recording, a second album was released called Perfectos Idiotas. After the second album Gluzman was invited to collaborate with Manu Chao and, with Chao and the rest of Radio Bemba, they went to Argentina .

In 1997, they founded El Cangrejo Records, an independent music label, which included bands like Non Palidece, Resistencia Suburbana and Andando Descalzo.

In 2001, Karamelo Santo recorded Los Guachos which featured Chao, Tonino Carotone of Los Guajolotes and band members of Resistencia Suburbana and Los Auténticos Decadentes. This album has a mixture of reggae, hip hop, punk and Latin rhythms. With this album they did an international tour which included Mexico, Europe, United States, Chile, Uruguay and Colombia.

In 2002, they toured in Europe with Los Guachos. This milestone marked the beginning of the band's relationship with Europe, that every year challenges the most established cultural barriers and has permitted them to become one of the best-known representatives of Latin American music in Europe.


  • Mariano Ponce de Leon: drums
  • Diego Aput: bass guitar
  • Pedro Rosafa: vocals
  • Goy Ogalde: guitar and vocals
  • Gody Corominas: vocals, backing vocals and percussion
  • Lucas Villafañe: keyboards and vocals
  • Pablo Clavijo: saxophone and vocals
  • Alejandro Pozo: pousone and vocals


Year Title Label
1995 La Kulebra Bunker Records
1997 Perfectos Idiotas DBN
2001 Los Guachos BPR
2003 Roskilde Live! BPR
2004 Haciendo Bulla BPR
2005 La Chamarrita BPR
2006 La Gente Arriba BPR
2007 Antena Pachamama BPR
2009 El Baile Oficial BPR

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