«Kiki» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

At least four artists share the same name Kiki. 1) Kiki (Joakim Ijäs) was born and raised in Finland, meanwhile his musical home as a DJ and producer is Berlin. He is famous for his versatile wildstyle, which is a mixture of hi-nrg-tech-house glamour hystery and hilarious sampler explosions. His agile sound likes to take a dip in the pool of hedonism and he has no problem playing a set on three decks all night long without missing a groove or skipping the needles. He is always searching for the freshest stuff with his good humored comprehensive style diversity in order to wind around inelastic structures - this all and a lot more makes him an integral part of the Bpitch Control collective. 2) Real Name: Béla Patkó Hungarian singer, lead vocalist of Első Emelet, member of Csütörtök 12. 3) Kiki is a remix/chiptunes artist raised in the US. Currently unsigned, she’s widely known in certain Internet communities for her childlike melodies and synthheavy bootleg remixes of various requested indie rock bands. 4. Kiki is an Indonesian singer from Indonesian Idol Season 2. Her real name is Sri Rizki Nuryulianti.