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The TRUE “Idol”…Kyoto Kandy

So with all of the “Idols” vying for stardom on TV these days, it’s about time for a bit of genuine talent to be noticed. Enter: KYOTO KANDY…the true emerging “idol” in pop music.

OK, so what’s so great about KYOTO? It’s her…voice…her presence…her looks…her experience…her TALENT.

She’s the “whole package.”

Born in Montreal, Canada, KYOTO KANDY is one of those once-in-a-lifetime performers. Her experience is amazingly vast.

Everything from significant theatre roles and killer performances in Cabaret, Honk, The Wizard of OZ (Dorothy!), The Secret Garden, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, The Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe and Myths and Music, to TV roles in Oh They’re Dead Teenage Zombies (lead) and My Struggle.

Training? Oh, yeah! KYOTO’s trained in dancing at the Broward Center of Dance. At U.C.P.A., she’s mastered her drama studies both on stage and on camera, as well as studied voice under Vindia Karrey. Miss KYOTO’s honed her skills privately in drama with Mark Sheremeta, and her Broadway talents with Arron Haggen.

But that’s just the beginning for KYOTO.

In 2006 she released her first CD, KYOTO, and has held significant positions on various indie-pop music charts nationwide. She’s done Broadway for five years, which has solidified her amazing vocal abilities, but focuses on her passion for indie-pop rock-punk

And that voice! I mean, KYOTO KANDY has a five-octave range, for Pete’s sake! Try to find that kind of native ability in a TV “idol.” Not so much…

Even more amazing is that all of this comes from a 17 year old girl. That’s right, I said 17 years old!

Add to all of that the fact that she writes her own material, and has written collaboratively with the likes of Rocky Gallo and Rejean Fecteau.

May we repeat? This is a TRUE “idol” in the making. This is unique. This is KYOTO KANDY.

You can learn more about KYOTO KANDY, and actually get to hear some of that amazing voice, at:

and www.myspace.com/laboheme1

You’re highly encouraged to do so…that is if you want to be among the first to recognize the amazing talent of this future star!