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LeMarvin Harris born in Oakland, CA, raised in Inglewood, CA where he like most youths of our time was reared in a single-family home, however he was fortunate to have sprinkles of his father along the way. During his 9th and 10th grade years in high school an interest in music commenced resulting in him playing the trumpet in the high school band. Until one day he started singing along with the radio and realized he could sing, this happened at the age of sixteen. During his high school years because he has always been a man with his on mind, he spent little time at various high schools ultimately graduating from Duke Ellington Continuation High School. After high school LeMarvin tested the waters by joining a group. He was the one member of the group that got the attention of David Esterson. His mother knew he was special and talented but feared for his life because of the strong drug and gang activity in the neighborhood, so she insisted he join the United States Navy. His mother not realizing, at the time, that singing was his passion, and the group had just landed a recording deal. This made the years spent in the Navy as an Airplane Maintenance Officer very hard. As his passion grew for music, so did his frustration for the military. He then began actively working on his skills by recording demos and singing backgrounds for friends who were up and coming rappers. After trying various situations, and producers, no one quite getting it right. LeMarvin became very discouraged, so his manager Minetta D. Gammage along with David Esterson (Monopoly Music) decided to try something new. The Co-Stars. LeMarvin and The Co-Stars worked hard to stay true to LeMarvin. WOW finally this is a formula that works. It was important for him to not be just another R&B singer, but to be himself through his lyrics and music. LeMarvin can be described very simply urban/street soul music. Staying true to self is of the highest priority. With his strong passion for music, singing, basketball and yes tennis shoes he is ready to deliver quality music that people can identify with. So now LeMarvin with Motown Records is ready for take off, fasten your seatbelts and take flight to higher grounds