«lloy» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

lloy is a gothic rock band from Japan.


Vocal/synth: YUKO-KAT

Guitar/ tracks: YUKI MTBR

Bass/Art: ATSUSHI HATTA (東狂黒)

Drums: SHIGEO KATO (drumno)

Beatz/Noise: Olly Hewitt (Berlin Member)

<Biography & Discography>

2005. yuko-kat(Vocal),Yuki MTBR(Guitar/Synth), Atsushi Hatta(Bass/Artwork), S-G-O(Drums,support)

At first the style like NewWave, Post Punk, GOTH

2006. Organizing Event “IMMIGRANT HAUS” start(now #15)

Chandeliers and a lot of candles, organdy and the torsos which burnt stand, and the meeting place opens a curtain by unique fragrance and tuning fork healing. Whenever unique a of Matsubara deviates from “village awareness, categorization, exclusiveness” by sorting it and repeats a time, every performer, audience does mixture culture.

2007. 1st EP “ Die Weiβe Rose”[Dalle label]

2008.1st ALBUM”Cut Off Blilnd”[K.O.G.A. Records] Sales monthly ranking 11th @Tower Record shibuya(SOLD OUT)

*「Kieta Sabrina」DAM(Karaoke)*

2009 Yuko-kat joined the World Kyokushin karate championship @Hungary Budapest. Fighting Best 8.

2010 MTBR joined at Drop Dead Festival(2010.Lithuania) ”Geometrical by Strange Stain” yokna patofa FILM、2nd EP「Geometrical Lolita Haus」release.

2012 APR.“SUBWAY GALLERY(London)” photo art of Yuko-kat by MADBUNNY

JUN. Berlin gigs at Art festival of Neukoln、GOTH CLUB, Tacheles

JUL. lloy x Aniaetleprogrammeur(Berlin)”Wreckage Venue”SPLIT ALBUM release

DEC. Release 3rd EP 「Revenantz ep」 at IMMIGRANT HAUS #16

2013 JAN. Atsushi Hatta (bass) came back to the band. Shigo Kato (drums) is no longer a support member, but an official member of lloy.


I was aimless and have been walking for five years .

I thought about return to the forest because my work in Tokyo was finished.

But I met a woman with fair hair while I was walking in the town. There, every day in the night.

She was singing a swing jazz, a little painfully, with a sad voice.

The charm has withered the voice.

Then, I wanted get this voice.

Music walked toward here.

The tune arose at the first time. A lot of tunes arose from her voice. It was a magic feelings.

However It make travel each other to act about the remainder during half a year.

It got acquainted with a man who looked neutral when walking in …air Brari somewhere…

The style of music suited him and me perfectly.

We drank, we exchanged and listened music, and we spend a lot of time talking about a lot of things

He, with fair hair, and him, with fait hair became familiar faces.

One time, we decided to form the band as I was drinking sake with her, with fair hair, and him, with fair hair too.

I partly gave it up though I wanted do music again with her voice.

It met him with fair hair and her (She did have dark hair now) again, and the same

three people has half a year ago was there again in a winter day.

A foolish story was told over a bottle.

She consented immediately when he proposed her to make a band at 2 AM.

Magic began to hang.

Magic began to hang my life again.

One. another

I was drinking sake with him, with fair hair in Shibuya in summer two years ago.

It was a very sultry night.

Then, one man was introduced.

It was a man who had a delicate look though it had a wild appearance.

It got along with him wild.

It went out to the park, we shared a lot of ideas.

And, then he came with us last summer.

The band name was named lloy.

Thank you.


I wish you sweet dreams!

Our music.

After one second with a beautiful mind.

It is possible to burn it with light.