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Mariam Romelashvili was born in Gori, Georgia in 1994. Her family consists of her parents, grandmother and a two-year old brother.She goes to public school #4, 8th grade in Gori.

At the age of 5, Mariam starts to watch TV and listen to music. Singing becomes her favorite occupation and her musical ear gives her opportunity to create her own compositions and to perform them in her own manner.

Mariam went to the music school when she was six years old and since than she has taken part in many music contests. In her opinion she is lucky as she has been awarded with many prices.

On the 6th of October she became the winner of the Georgian Eurovision Junior National Selection Song Contest. As Mariam mentions the Contest changes her life. She spent one month with other contestants in the “Music House” camp organized by the Georgian Public Broadcasting. During that period children lived together, having dancing and singing classes, meetings with famous Georgian musicians.

Mariam’s song “odelia ranuni” is hello to Europe. She would like to learn greetings in all languages of participant countries. She believes that Junior Eurovision Song Contest is a great chance to make more friends all over the world and obtain professional experience. And of course Junior Eurovision Song Contest is a great chance to present Georgia to whole Europe.