«Mong Hang» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

In 1995, Ba (vocals), Keitaimo Uja Vin Vin (bass) and Pochai (guitar) made up the previous band. When the drummer joined it, the band Mong Hang was born. They performed at many live houses in Tokyo and got a lot of celebrity out there. Later Manbubu (percussion) and Umezy (guitar) became members of Mong Hang.

Most information regarding Mong Hang is a bit of a mystery to their fans in North America. Mong Hang toured with Daiquiri and Tub Ring in 2003, which was Mong Hang’s first and only tour in the US. Within the last year Mong Hang’s website went offline and more recently their MySpace (which was created and updated by a fan) was removed from MySpace.

Keitaimo “Keita” composes the majority of Mong Hang’s songs. Mong Hang is mostly known for their obscure, high-energy live show which certainly matches their music style. According to a Japanese exchange student, Mong Hang is not speaking Japanese on their albums, but is purely nonsensical babble.