«Morgen Mittag» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Glitchy space-bit avant-noise.

User’s manual to MM’s music:

Astroglitch was the beggining. like the big bang. the birth of everything. chaotic, loud and unpredictable. then dust settled and life established (slowly). some of spaceteam members found their new homeplanets. they planted trees, kids, cats, moustaches, etc (digiwatt lydt). after that, it was all about their feelings. mostly memories of earth and childhood life on Earth (hematogen). then, they got pretty old & smart, and thoughtprocess in their minds got quite abrasive (because of many sicknesses, affecting brain) and on very strange themes as pixel hunting, cosmic trash, nano loops and so on. and that what we got on .voditel avtobusa ep. so, you see what is going on here. life is going on. we can’t control time and what only matters is our memories. we can document them but would you like to go back 3 spaces? some people do want. and some just don’t. and don’t forget about time too. maybe it’s just not the right.

Albums are free to download:
”.voditel avtobusa” EP (out 01.05.09 on Razxca label)
”Hematogen” (out 29.03.09 on Dotnum Dunton)
”Digiwatt Lydt” (out 03.12.07 on Dotnum Dunton)
”Astroglitch” EP (out 08.07.07 on Glitch City)

Also appears on Glitch Village Volume 1.