«Mr. Statik» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Stathis Kalatzis is the artist hidden behind the Mr.Statik moniker. Based in Athens, he developed a firm embrace on electronic music via Greece’s rising heardcore and breakbeat scene of the 90’s. Growing to love all types of techno music, Stathis soon formed Improvize with fellow DJ, Chevy, a night aimed at bringing a fresh sound of techno and house in all its forms. Enjoying an amount of success locally, they became involved with many gigs and club nights across Athens, often enjoying trips further afield. In 2005 Stathis launched himself into the world of production, forming the Mud Max project alongside Motek – their first releases came courtesy of Balkon and Ware.

Embarking upon solo work in late 2006, Mr Statik’s early work was signed to labels such as Karloff, Stock5 and Octopus - this variety of tracks embraced a moodier side of his personality with a deeper sound and atmospheric tips. After gaining a residency at Athens club Fetisch and experiencing impressive gigs abroad - Monegros Festival and Tresor Berlin standing out as highlights - 2008 is so far seeing a flurry of releases on labels such as Perplex and Rotary Cocktail, as well as an exclusive signing to Immigrant.