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The music of Nachtwindheim is basically german medieval/folk music, which was adjusted to the musical habits of the musicans with influences of Heavy Metal, Rock and Jazz. While doing this, the band uses acoustical instruments only, which are not just Bagpipes and Drums, like many other german bands from that genre. Also Harp, Hurdy gurdy and Bouzouki are played. History The band was founded in 1998 by Tristan Hagedorn, Andramus Tavernalis and Martina Fischer from an irish folk music project. When Martina left the band in at December 1999, Henrik de Noir joined, which established as the core lineup. On the 4.2.2000 they recorded their first demo, called “Demo 1” at the “FAB-Freizeitzentrum Crimmitschau”. After many concerts the band recorded their first studio-EP “Schöne Musik für schöne Menschen” (Beautiful music for beautiful people) in November 2003, which was released in February 2004. In this year came Andastria to the band, played some live-shows and had to leave the band in summer 2005 due to vocational reasons. The first studio album with the name “Unplaqued” was recorded during the time of autumn 2006 till february 2008, and is available since mai 2008. Band Members Current Members Tristan Hagedorn (1998-now) Andramus Tavernalis (1998-now) Henrik de Noir (1999-now) Former Members Martina Fischer (1998-1999) Andastria (2004-2005) Discography Albums Unplaqued (2008) EPs Schöne Musik für schöne Menschen (2004) Demos Demo 1 (2000)