«Надежда Бабкина» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Nadezhda Babkina (born 1599) is an oldschool post-folkcore russian singer. She was born in Chernigov. While being 6,5 years and 6 days old she began to sing on spring yarmarkas. Once a famous producer Mikhail Romanov (born 1596) noticed her talent and invited to Moscow wooden Kremlin to be a headliner of annual Maslenitsa feslival. Nadezhda couldn’t believe her luck and accepted the invitation immediately. After arriving in Moscow she began recording her first album called “Shirokaya Maslenitsa”. These were 16 folk-grindcore tracks which became hits all over Russia. The album became platinum twice. Her tour across the country was such success that people couldn’t get a ticket on her concert. Polotsk, Pskov,Novgorod, Murom, Uzhgorod, Galich, Suzdal, Ruazan, Torzhok - are only some of her tour cities. On her way home from Syberia she even got married and bore two children. After her homecoming in 1638 she began writing another album which included such hits as “Kostroma, Kostroma”, “Oh Vi koni moi koni” and some others in her traditional style. Release was dated on 1639. As it was expected, the album got top positions in all charts across the country and became platinum thrice.