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In December 1999, Jaroslaw ‘CHINA’ Labieniec, former VADER guitar player, Wojciech Szymanski, KOBONG`s drummer and Szymon Czech, known from his earlier membership in PROPHECY, decide to launch the mentioned project. First rehearsals and experiments with heavy sounds begin and result in the first music material, “Nospromo 2000”. The record is more of a musical draft and trial of personal skills. The final effect turns out to be staggering. The superb and individualistic play of the drummer, Wojtek Szymanski and the excellent compositions worked out by all the musicians confirm the band’s potential. After the MCD, the time comes to record the full album. In the meantime, the band undergoes some changes. Bogdan Kondracki, vocalist of non-existent KOBONG and Piotr Bartczak, bass player, join it. In 2001, in this line-up, they record the album ‘Head Held High’. The debut consists of 12 compositions, stylistically characteristic for NYIA. It’s a completely new approach towards extreme and unconventional music. In fact, they are 12 new approaches. What the band presents in their debut slips all attempts at classification. Superb sound, charismatic vocals and striking compositional constructions are only some components of ‘Head Held High’. The line-up of the band stabilizes and in January 2004, NYIA signs its first contract with the English label Candlelight Records. Right now the band is finishing the SECOND album with a new young and talented vocalist:Jakub Leonowicz.