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Olé Olé

Olé Olé was one of the most popular bands to emerge from Spain in the 1980s. Formed in 1982, Vicky Larraz was the original lead singer from 1982-1986 recording two albums. With Larraz the group had huge hits in Spain such as “No controles” & “Voy a mil”. In 1986 Marta Sánchez replaced Larraz & the group gained international fame in Latin America with songs such as “Bailando sin salir de casa”, “Soldados del amor”& “Con solo una mirada”. In 1992, after recording 4 albums w/ the group, Sánchez left the group to embark on a very successful solo career. That same year would see the arrival of new vocalist Sonia Santana and a new album, “Al descubierto”. By this time the band’s popularity dwindled and they would soon disband afterwards. Santana went on to record a solo album in the early 2000s. Recently the band has reformed with a brand new lead singer, Marta Dominguez, and has released the album “Grandes exitos y terapias de grupo”.