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Oorchach is not an empty ornate word or a meaningless concept coined to single out the musical project. The Northern nations of Siberia use the term Oorchach to define a very specific archaic household artifact. It is an iron ring that used to be ringed to the new-born domestic animals to prevent them from sucking their mother’s milk. It is a powerful archaic symbol embodying the encounter with the remorseless reality in early childhood. Oorchach is a strong event of pre-historic worlds brought to us by the archaic primeval nations that upheld and followed shamanism, the pro-religions of all religions.

The signs and sounds of these shamanic cultures extinguished in times immemorial are revived in the new ritual ambient and industrial project of Oorchach composed by Lithuanian artist Povilas Vaitkevičius from Vilnius, Lithuania.

Monotonic powerful loops, tribal rhythms, coarse sound quality, and music composing method remind the aesthetics of old school industrial and ambient and generate strong, archaic atmosphere, the vitality of shamanic rituals and the intoxicating trance of primeval eternal nature.