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Feel free to read the “old biography”. An updated version will be published as soon as OXL Rose has regained his ability to write down his partially chemical induced bizarre visions which recently were brutally taken from him by a mob of angry French people.

OXL was originally founded on a freezing cold summers day in 2001.That was the day Comrad Boris(Suppository) and OXL Rose(Psycho Squad,N.B.),two identical siamese twincousins decided that the time was there to record a really old-fashioned noisecoretape to honour the gods that were called Mutilated Bones.

Tired of their lives as a Donald Duck impersonator(Comrad Boris) and professional rollator racer(OXL Rose) they decided it was time to do something new. So they gave it their best shot.The only problem was that a drumkit and a pitchshifter the only instruments were that they could get their sticky hands on that day. So after a few hours(it looked like a few weeks to some of them)and an awful lot of booze, drugs and cold frikandellen the decision was made to put a stop to this agonizing torment they were doing to themselves and they called it a day.

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months and OXL Rose decided it was time to reform OXL. But Comrad Boris was too busy with his life as a Donald Duck impersonator and his other band Suppository. He had reached the age that he wanted to continue life on his own. This was Quite shocking for OXL Rose. As Siamese twin cousins they’d been inseparable for many many years on end. So they surgically removed themselves from each other and each went his way.

After grieving for a couple of minutes he got over it and decided that there where more than enough other idiots to conquer the world within a local crackhouse in downtown Catsop he met the first one. Reverend Martin Luther Kinky(Rimmshot),leader of an apocalyptic suicide cult. OXL Rose told him that instead of preaching the end of the world he should start playing the guitar.

And so it was done. Then a bass player was found, lying for dead in the gutter, smelling like his own vomit and wearing nothing else but a set of kinky highhealboots. He had the bizarre sounding name of Frustraetsel(Rimmshot). They got him of the streets, gave him some decent underwear(to match the boots of course),hung a bass guitar around his neck and they had a bassplayer.In order to complete the line-up OXL Rudi Pul(Suppository) a former tupperware salesman, was asked to play on the bongos and the triangle, and so he did.

Then, on a hot winter morning, a black cloud arrived and a massive bolt of lightning struck the thing called Frustraetsel on his head when he was sunbathing in the garden. He never knew what hit him that day and he’s still in a mental institute recovering from the shock….

To compensate that enormous loss we decided to ask former Jostiband guitarist John Donsson(Psycho Squad,N.B.) to play the guitars and kindergartencop Scubaramones(Rimmshot) to play the bass. Later Scub and M.L.K. switched instruments and behold!!!There was the OXL line up of which ancient prophecies tried to warn humanity about for centuries. There was a divine vibe and the thing called OXL slowly started to awaken, just as the prophecies had foretold……

A new OXL was born!! At first the decision was made not to play just one particular style of music only. There were not to be any musical boundaries for OXL.A juicy crossover of all of the heaviest styles was made by combining old punk, thrashmetal, crustcore, hardcore, deathmetal, grind and dirty rock ’n roll into a highly explosive meltingpot. AMEN!

Then there were the lyrics. All personally carved onto two gigantic stones in the Maas by OXL Rose himself. Already very soon it was clear that he wanted to do something different then most other bands. F*** all that serious or evil shit. Politically correct was something he’d never had been, so why pretend now? The time was ripe to bring back the fun in heavy music. AMEN! And so it was done. He spilled out a bunch of insane, cynical lyrics filled with a huge amount of sarcastic, black humor and secret backwards spoken messages .

All of this combined with a fanatical, wild stage act caused the beast called OXL to unleash it’s fury upon mankind!!!!!!AAAARRRGGHHHLLLLPFPFPFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!