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There are at least four bands with the name ‘Pantheon’ and one with a similar name, 1) Pantheon, a National Socialist black metal band formed in Arizona, America in 1993. 2) Pantheon, a metal band formed in York, England in 2005. 3) Panthéon, a dutch progressive band from the 70’s. 4) Pantheon, a female-fronted metal band from Nottingham, England, formed 2007. 5) Pantheon I, not relevant in this bio. 1) Genre(s) National Socialist Black Metal Lyrical theme(s) National Socialism, Mythology, War Origin Formed in Current label Status United States of America (Tucson, Arizona) 1993 Strong Survive Records Active Current line-up Vortigern (formerly called Rubeus XII) - vocals, bass, drums, effects, guitars, mandolin (Hrodvitnir, Blutkrieg, Acirema, Gestapo SS, Katharia, Valaskjalf) Vautrin - backing vocals, keyboards, lead and rhythm guitar (Valhallian, Blutkrieg, Hrodvitnir) Former/past member(s) Fumaroth - drums, keyboards Volkh - drums Sorath - vocals Grizzly - bass Forlorn - rhythm guitars Svarog - drums (Valhallian, ex-Hrodvitnir) 2) Pantheon are a five piece band from the York area, England. Formed in October 2005, they play heavy metal, influenced by a range of bands and by contrasting personal tastes in the band. Variously described as NWOBHM, thrash and speed, they currently have bookings from London to Edinburgh. Current members Arran Woodford - Vocals Matt Dawson - Guitar Simon Dawson - Bass Danny Richardson - Guitar Mike Angus - Drums Former members Will “Overkill” Overfield - Vocals Music released “Dead or Alive” EP - June 2007 Links MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/pantheonband Official site: http://www.pantheononline.co.uk/ 3) After the releases from Kayak, Earth &Fire and Finch the Dutch label Pseudonym Records surprised the progheads with the release from the obscure Dutch progrock band Pantheon. They existed between 1971 and 1974 and were once the support-act for famous fellow Dutch progrock bands Focus and Solution, their absolute highlight! In 1974 Pantheon called it a day because of the usual problems with money, at that moment the band members were no older than 21 years! The five original compositions from their 1972 album Orion sound elaborate, melodic and varied featuring some wonderful twists and turns. The colouring of the songs is beautiful with organ, flute, saxophone and acoustic - and electric guitar, even a modular Moog synthesizer (in the short The Madman)! The musical influences are obvious from Ekseption and Solution (brass) but also Focus (organ sound and Jan Akkerman-like guitar work) but Pantheon doesn’t sound as a clone. The highlight on this CD (that contains 3 bonustracks) is the long titletrack delivering lots of shifting moods, great build-up parts and powerful saxophone play. Line-up/Musicians - Ruud Woutersen / organ, spinet, piano, ARP synthesizer, vocals - Albert Veldkamp / electric guitar, bass guitar - Hans Boer / flute, saxophone, vocals - Rob Verhoeven / drums, percussion “Orion” Lp 1972 4) Nottingham-based metal enthusiasts Pantheon are currently recording their debut EP. Masterminded by guitarist Tim Yearsley, their sound takes influence from across the genre but finds its home in the Christian-metalcore niche. Fronted by distinguished female vocalist Beth Hill with backing from Nottingham’s finest guitar talent, they are set to rock the UK on their forthcoming 2010 tour. Current members: Beth Hill - Vocals James Ray - Bass/backing vocals Tim Yearsley - Guitar Dave Burn - Guitar James Coughlan - Drums Official myspace: www.myspace.com/pantheonnottingham