«Per» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Per is the name of more than one artist.

1) Latvian beat-box

2) a member of Raymond & Maria

3) a variation of DJ Per

1) PeR (Please Explain The Rhythm)is a latvian / beatbox band formed in Latvia in 2007 summer by three friends Ralfs Eilands, Pēteris Upelnieks and Emīls - when they participated in festival „Dziesma Manai Paaudzei 2007!“ After local music and art festival “Bildes 2007” the lineup of the band changed - Emīls was replaced by Edmunds Rasmanis. PeR has participated in several Latvian music competitions, festivals, where they have got great support from audience.

The group became famous in Latvian TV show “Zelta Talanti’’ 1st season. The group won a place in the final, where both didn’t won. Having participated in the competition, the band performed at numerous events, including the 2009 the ‘’Muzikālā Banka’‘, which met all the songs popurium. Together with Sabine Berezina, band performed 2009 On ‘’Eurovision’, which did not participate in team member Ralfs, in the absence of 16 years of age. The group met Markus Riva compose the song Bye, Bye . The song ranked in 9th instead. 2009 In the spring the group recorded the single with the Mārtiņš Freimanis, a song called Bums.

more info @ www.youtube.com/permuzik , www.draugiem.lv/per , www.myspace.com/permuzik , www.platforma.lv/artists/artist.php?id=293799 and www.twitter.com/PeRmuzik