«Persistent Aura» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Persistent Aura is Ewoud Vandenberghen aka Waldy from Belgium. He started the Melodic Old/Newskool Goa Trance and Nitzhonot project Persistent Aura in september 2008. He has been exploring music since he was just a little kid. He got into Goa and Psychedelic in 2005-2006 when he attended his first Goa Trance party. He already knew the genre but hearing it to a party for the first time he understood what it was all about. Ewoud have kept exploring this very special style of music since. A few days after that first party he made his first psy track with FL Studio. Ewoud tried it a few more times over the following years but without much succes. After one particular party in September 2008 (Eargasm) he suddenly felt the itch to try again and started the project Persistent Aura.