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Philipe de Boyar is a DJ and producer from Switzerland. Getting into electronic music at a young age, he began working the decks as a Techno DJ. Until he heard Daft Punk that is – their first album had a big influence on his musical development during the following years.

Nowadays, Philipe incorporates many different styles of music – also from outside the electronic sphere – into his creative output. “Music has become one of the most important things in my life”, the Swiss high-riser says today, “so when I’m listening to music it has to move me physically as well as emotionally. My goal is to share my own joy and fun with the party crowd, be it as a DJ or a producer.”

His style is best described as a mixture of House, Electro and Breaks, often taken to different musical directions. “So don’t be shocked if I suddenly play a bangin’ rock track just because it’s a great song.”

His tracks have been popping up various big compilations including October’s 06 MIXMAG cover-mount CD and Philipe de Boyar is grabbing the attention of many DJs and producers around the world. So for the future, there definitely will be more of his releases and remixes - on Erase Records, Hammarskjoeld Records or his own digital imprint Rockville Music as well as other Labels.

So look out for this up and coming artist who deserves greater popularity!


Philipe de Boyar - Get Ready (Rockville Music)

Philipe de Boyar - “Formerly Unknown” (Gene Poole)

Philipe de Boyar - “Soulfreaka” (Hammarskjoeld)

Lars Moston & Philipe de Boyar - “So Sick!” (Wearhouse Music)

Lars Moston & Philipe de Boyar - “So Sick!” (The remixes) (Wearhouse Music)


Boy 8-Bit - “Suspense is killing me Remix EP (Mad Decent)”

Papst & Abstinenzler - “Am Arsch”

Quince - “The desert”

The Killergroove Formula - “Above the crowd (Lounge Rec)

Tom Deluxx - “Mushion Heroe” (Boxon Records)

The Clowns - “Second Look” (not funny but hot E.P.)

Dolby Anol - “Puppies” (Backyard - unreleased)

Flex de Funk - “Heading on a mission” (Gene Poole)

In-Progress - “Cooldown” (Systematica Records)

Bitrok - “Slipping Through (Philipe de Boyar Remix)” (Erase Rec.)

Signal Drivers - “Sticky Date Rerub (PdB Remix)” (Erase Rec.)

Super Commodore - “Coline” (Philipe de Boyar Remix) (Suesse Records UK)

Black Ghosts - “Face” (Philipe de Boyar Remix) (Southern Fried UK)

Lars Moston - We like this (Philipe de Boyar Remix) (Hammarskjoeld)

Dom Almond - Shake it (Philipe de Boyar Remix) (Erase Records)

In Progress - Push that Button (Philipe de Boyar Remix) (Erase Records)

Jenner & Marchand - Forever (PdB Distortion Mix) (Rockville Music)

Halfcast Bastards - Habiter le Jour (Boyars Electro Cut) (Rockville Music)

Compilation appearances:

Philipe de Boyar “Get Ready” & “Enchanted” on Stereovox France

Philipe de Boyar “Formerly Unknown” on Kontor Top of the Clubs 30 (mixed by Moston & Malente) & on MIXMAG Oct 07 cover-mounted CD (mixed by Touché)

Black Ghosts “Face” PdB Remix on Triple Five Soul’s Sixth Soul Sessions (mixed by Stretch Armstrong)

Dom Almond “Shake It (Philipe de Boyar Remix)” on

Global Underground UK ” - GUMixed” and

Ministry of Sound USA - “Dance Nation America”