«Psygram» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Psygram is Siegfried Fischer (voice, accordeon, samples, percussion) and Dirk Grützmann of Temps Perdu? who is responsible for realtime audio processing, electronics, loops and engineering.

The group started around the same time as Temps Perdu?. Their music is focused on surreal ambient-industrial soundscapes and hypnotic live improvisations in a studio setting with influences of electro acustic music.

Psygram: „All our music is recorded from those magic moments where emotions, dreams and technology, melt together to achive a perfect musical copy of our subconcious. All selections generated from chance processes, ranging from random sampling techniques to free form improvisation.“


The very first experiments went under the moniker JESUS DRUM

1988 JESUS DRUM: “Diesseits der Stimmen”

„Second Strike“ Compilation 2xMC 90 [Turn-a-bout Tapes-Germany]

1989 JESUS DRUM: “Nichtgeburt”

„2x10”„ 10“ Vinyl Compilation [Empty Records-Germany]

1989 MC 30 JESUS DRUM “Freier Mensch” [SDV-Germany]

1991 Split CD MENGRAD & PSYGRAM “In Dreamshow” [Flabbergast-Germany]p>

1995 CD PSYGRAM “Vision of Shadows” [Playloud-Portugal]

2002 CD PSYGRAM Gehörgänge [Weird Amplexus - Italy]