«Raven Throne» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

RAVEN THRONE is a pain and mystical votes of an antiquities submitted by cold black metal. Inspired by the great formation of the genre, The Raven Throne was founded in 2004 with the only goal in mind-to play Black Metal. After the debut album “Velikaja Ten’ Chernoboga” (2005) and numerous performances, the band underwent a series of changes that have produced its current composition. In spite of its flaws and imperfections, the first record helped the band determine the sound flow and its unique techniques. In 2006, The Raven Throne recorded a demo-album «Skvoz’ Pepel Stoletij Na Zov Tvoj» which was followed by ‘’Znak Ognja’‘, the first release that encompasses electronically enhanced uncompromised “black” sound. Its lyrics are mysterious and abstract and are filled with archetypes and subconscious images-symbols. The former album was released in 2007 by Front Line Production. In November 15, 2008, in cooperation with Gardarika Musikk [http://gardarikamusikk.com] label, the full-length album has been recorded called «Ten’ju Skvoz Smert’».