«Ritual Suicide» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Ritual Suicide is raw Black Metal band from Ukraine (Donetsk region). Formed in 2005.

Lyrical theme(s): Death, Evil, Anguish, Tortures, Macabre.

Current line-up:

Majest - Vocals, Guitar

Zaaph - Bass

Additional notes:

There was also a split with Izuver (Ukr), entitled “Only Satan” (2007), but it is not official release.

Ritual Suicide contact: [email protected]

Discography :

2006 - Demo’06 (Demo)

2008 - Soul Ripping Ritual (Demo)

2009 - SadistiK Saints and the Rotted Shells (Demo)

2011 - Temple Of Blood

Band is currently signed to Nomos Dei Productions (http://legis.orthodox666.ru/)